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Trying something new

Acorn is a community Union, if you want to find out more about it I have it listed here


The commission was simple (for a graphic designer) the Leeds branch of Acorn are launching a newspaper and magazine and wanted a masthead for it. Being a more traditional artist didn’t stop me volunteering – I prefer to do backroom support these days. I was accepted, I think the appeal was to get fresh artwork as a change from the use of stock images.

First job was to work out what the client wanted – their brief was simple; “The name of the newsletter will be The Back to Back…the subtitle of the newsletter will be ACORN Leeds Newsletter & Magazine…be creative – we’ve picked the name Leedsey…as metaphor for solidarity and standing together, so if you can think of a way to represent that visually that would be really appreciated.”

Step 1 come up with the concept and get it agreed

This is for tone, style and to see if it captures the idea of solidarity and standing together.

Step 2 create the artwork for the graphics person

Translate the concept into a piece of artwork, used acrylics and inks, kept it stylistic with anonymous people, posed in the red tee-shirts to echo the banner which in this version I expanded to include the Acorn logo

Step 3 Result

This is the image combined with the text for the masthead – its currently out for feedback from the members. Looking forward to first issue.