Welcome to my art web-site, please have a look around.

The galleries are Mixed Media (added in September 2015) Acrylics and Watercolours.

My art blog has suffered lately because of my writing and will continue to be sporadic until mid 2019 when I hope to publish something. I am keeping my art going. I always take my notebook when hiking (which is a weekly activity) and continue with the weekly Life Class. It is the larger set pieces (both plein air and studio based) that have been squeezed out, although I’m always available for a commission.

I remain committed to my art and this site is where I give some background about my painting development and experiences and the stories behind some of my pictures.

Painting by the River Wharfe near Grassigton 2021

Painting at Polpero - May 2017

Painting at Polpero – May 2017

On the shore below Friars Crag at Derwentwater

On the shore below Friars Crag at Derwent Water June 2014