Between the Showers

November and December (so far) have been extremely wet. We made two visits to Askrigg and one to York; most of the time it rained so most of the works below are done from very brief sketches and photographs – but they were done at the locations and not in the studio in an attempt to keep the sense of the light and atmosphere.

In November the autumn was well under way but in sheltered places the leaves were often still green (as the packhorse bridge shows).

Packhorse Bridge - Grange Wensleydale

Returning from a walk on the path from Worton Bridge – very boggy underfoot – this is from the side of the river near the stepping stones with Askrigg (and a beer by the fireside, at the Kings Arms) beckoning

Askrigg in November

A trip over the tops to a favourite walk along the Swale between Keld and Muker – the low sun and shade from the valley sides made for striking contrasts.

November Sunshine -River Swale near Muker

On our December visit to Askrigg we caught the edge of storm Desmond which caused all the flooding, we were very lucky. On a late afternoon when the rain briefly stopped we managed a walk near Semerwater where the slanting sunlight was stunning (lemon yellow here to keep it cool).

December Afternoon Sun - Semmerwater

One day the weather was too bad to venture out (except for a brief constitutional) and the lighting too dull for a local painting. In desperation, because I was not getting any useful local material I resorted to working on a a mixed media of Low Petergate from a trip to York the previous week.

Low Petergate after rain - York

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